27 janeiro 2022

O testemunho No. 1 da Elizaveta (SPIN)

I’m living a fairytale here in Lisbon!

Hi! I’m Lisa, I’m 28 and I’m from Russia!

I’ve been applying for this ESC opportunity 3 times for the last two years. And finally, I’m here! So never give up on your goals and you’ll definitely get the life of your dream 😊

Being a volunteer in Portugal means sharing an apartment with other people. I was really curious about this experience, but I could never imagine that it’s gonna be this good! Oh, we are not just flatmates, we live like a big family of 7! 
We get along just fine even though we are from different countries: Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Estonia, France, and Russia 🤪 The house is filled with laughter, hugs, and positive vibes! We share meals together, celebrate holidays, and go out on weekends. Any event I go to in Lisbon I never feel alone, I know my family is gonna be there ❤️

As much as I enjoy my new family, I enjoy Lisbon as well! The city is bright and filled with colors! I go out almost every day to visit some new attractions: parks, viewpoints, cafes, etc. And even after two months, there are still plenty of new places to discover! I think this city never gets boring 😍

Well, I arrived in Lisbon in December, so the whole month was about holidays, gatherings and meeting new people. I enjoyed it a lot! But still, I’m looking forward to getting more engaged in Spin association activities!
So far I took part in Christmas dinner preparation, receiving “Re-generation+” projects participants, joining Erasmus+ program promotion event at a local school. I also assist with video making and editing during the events, as well as making some graphic designs! All of it with the guidance of amazing coworkers and mentors from Spin office and in the company of my lovely fellow volunteers 🤩

Anyway, I really do love my every day in Lisbon! This volunteering life is just beautiful 🌺 I can’t wait to join my on-arrival training next month! Also looking forward to joining the upcoming events at Spin and exploring the city in warm weather😁

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