11 junho 2019

Testimony: Emergency Pedagogy Training Course in Lisbon by Jesús

Dear reader ... I write this letter with great enthusiasm and affection since this course was one of the best experiences at a pedagogical level that I never had.

Everything from the internal organization of the spin association to the organization of the course did a wonderful job, from the methodology and scientific rigor, but also from the heart, which was evident in each of the actions that took place during that course. Going into the most specific part, I would like to highlight different aspects of the developed and how.

The structure of the course, from my point of view, was perfect. Having a first theoretical view of the subject to be addressed is also facilitated by a person with so much knowledge in the field and so easy to transmit knowledge and feelings (even through a language unknown to most participants), got close to a very clear way to the world of emergency pedagogy.

Through these theoretical lessons I was able to learn much more about how a person's mind (and especially children's) works in a moment of shock and in the trauma that it usually leaves afterwards. Not only at the physiognomic level but also at the psychological and social level. In the same way I could feel how important is the work of the pedagogue at this time, not only in the direct intervention in the place where the tragedy occurs but in the subsequent monitoring and of course also in the places of reception in the case of refugees .

The perfect complement to all this theoretical information received in the first two hours of the morning, put the practical activities, where we clearly experience what can take place in the process of management and help of the traumatized person through tools such as activity physical, the game, the rhythm, the routines, the art ... were sensations and wonderful experiences that those days happened.

The day did not end there, and usually in the afternoons, super interesting activities took place both inside and outside the center; visits to oenegés, places of interest in the host city, "networking" with the rest of the classmates, etc. In these actions I had the opportunity to know much more about aspects that I did not know before, such as the situation of immigrants and especially refugees both before and during and after leaving the country. I spoke with several people who, with an open heart, gave me very moving testimonies about everything they had to go through until they reached Europe.

In the same way, I was able to share with my class colleagues very interesting aspects of their work in their organizations of origin, their work and life styles, as well as cultural aspects of their countries. Of all this, besides the magnificent personal experience that I took, I was able to nurture myself of numerous and excellent tools to be able to put into practice in the future.

By Jesús

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