19 junho 2019

Testimony: Training course about Emergency Pedagogy by Maša

I first heard about this training course, when my Slovenian colleague send me a Call for partners from SPIN organization with a caption reading ''From crisis to chance'' – training course on emergency pedagogy''. She was ecstatic about this opportunity and her excitement transferred onto me. We soon started writing partnership proposal, asking our Slovenian organisation to back us up.

We're both personally and professionally connected to the field of pedagogy, but we never had any official training related to emergency pedagogy. Naturally, the title sparked interest, since growing our field of knowledge is one of the top priorities. Hearing about it straight form the horse's mouth, the founder of this field – Bernd Ruf – was like a cherry on top of the whole training.

What it did for me, personally, was changing my perspective of trauma and how to work with it. In the beginning, it was hard to follow the process of singing weird songs and simultaneously clapping to the rhythm. Why are we doing this? I look silly, it all looks a bit silly. We were thrown into the water – into the methodology, and for a first timer it didn't make sense. What then happened during the process of reaching the end of the training course, was that an understanding of why-the-weird-songs-etc. started to appear. I'm still way too inexperienced to feel confident using the principles we've learned in my professional life. This requires a lot more reading and a lot more experiencing and a lot more understanding. But what I'm very glad about, is that this training course gave me invaluable insights, a whole suitcase of new methods and motivation to dig deeper and explore emergency pedagogy even further.

Maša V.

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