29 outubro 2019

O testemunho da Alba

My last day has arrived...and here I am, spending my last hours in SPEA’s office with my colleagues.

Last week I thought that I still had 4 months ahead me, one phone call, and suddenly the 4 months became 1 week... But it’s all for good. I’ll be working in my field, in my city, with my people. Not bad. But still I have mix feelings inside me. I can’t wait to start my new job and on the other hand I would like to stay here. Time flies and these 8 months have gone too fast.

After this time I can only say good things about my time here. I learned a lot of stuff, visited a lot of places in Portugal while I was working, and spent time with really wonderful people. And I’ll keep these memories with me! 🙂

And if someone ask me if I recommend this experience...definitely YES!

Muito obrigada pela oportunidade e até breve!

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