16 junho 2022

O testemunho No. 2 da Cynthia (Boutique da Cultura)


"Olà todos !

Already halfway through my volunteering program with Boutique da Cultura, only 3 months left and I don’t want it to end, My journey with this association started 6 months ago, in November and I already learn so much, about me, about what I love to do but also what I hate. This  experience has been so enriching so far and I hate the feeling I get when I think about the end.

Working as a volunteer with Boutique da Cultura mean having the opportunity to see some theater plays (for free) and to participate in a lot of artistic and sustainable workshop and meet a lot of different people though that. It also mean having the opportunity to try news thing such as being a ceramic trainer (I didn’t know a single thing about ceramic before started the workshop) in a psychiatric clinic. Being able to do that with 15 people with mental disease, to talk to them, to laugh with them, to see the smile and happiness on their face every time they achieve something, is an amazing experience, I always go there with a huge smile on my face and I feel so proud of them and their success.

Doing a European Solidarity Corps is so much than just doing a volunteering project ! Thanks to that experience I get to chance to live crazy adventure with some amazing people from differents countries that I met over the months : going a week trip to Madeira or on a spontaneous weekend in Algarve, having huge dinner and brunch every weeks or party, going to the beach on the weekend. Every week is different, and we never get bored ! 

But this experience came also with it’s down sometime I miss my family, sometime work can be exhausting or not really interesting but overall doing this project help me find out what I like and what I don’t and open my eyes on a lot of things ! I am very grateful to have the chance of living this experience and I can’t to see what next !

Até a próxima !"

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