29 junho 2022

O testemunho No. 2 do Joan (SPEA)


Hello everyone 

The months go by and new people and new experiences appear. There are also others to which I must say goodbye, or until the next one, but which I will remember for a long time. Having already spent half of my volunteering in Portugal, I have become accustomed to Faro and its people, as well as to the pace of life in the Algarve, very different from that of Barcelona.

In our project, the LIFE Ilhas Barreira, we continue working for the conservation of seabirds and the Ria Formosa. Tasks in the spring are different to those in the winter, mainly because the seagull colony has already formed on Barreta Island, where thousands of birds are breeding, to which we watch and monitor closely. The truth is that it is quite spectacular to see how this season fills the islands that seemed so empty in winter with life.
In addition to the work related to my project, I have also had the opportunity to participate in other small actions by my own, and I have been able to continue training and learning in my field, the biology of conservation. In addition, I was able to visit the Berlengas Islands, which I had heard so much about, and I was able to work with species I had only seen in the field guides. I look forward to the months I have left here and the things I have left to experience, though with some sadness to see the end approaching.

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